Why OOLi Network, we already have Facebook?

A man thinking about OOLi Network, LinkedIn and Facebook.

There was a time in history when people posed the same question about new social media platforms like LinkedIn and Tinder. Why not just settle for business content or relationship seeking on Facebook? We can skip these new platforms altogether. Everyone is already on Facebook so? 

Here is the The Answer

Well, the simple answer is because likeminded people prefer and value environments that filter out unnecessary noise and information so that they can communicate, share and experience a closer intimate connection to desired content and community. What makes these platforms thrive is their appeal to a niche community or activity. So yes, while platforms like Facebook can give you pretty much “everything”, they can’t give you something “specific”. 

OOLi Network is no different than platforms liked LinkedIn, it provides a specific environment for a niche community. Islam is a unique bond that connects Muslims all around the world and that alone is an incentive to have a social network to share content in a more filtered environment.

We are not competing with Facebook

We don’t expect you to give up Facebook or any other popular social network. We’re interested in seeing you join OOLi Network to be part of a social network that provides a better Muslim experience. We’ve taken the initiative and dedication to provide this platform with great aspiration and hard work. We believe that more than platforms like LinkedIn and Tinder, OOLi Network provides for a community with much more need for a niche social network. 

The business community populated LinkedIn. Relationship seekers populated Tinder. We can be part of populating OOLi Network. This is how platforms grow to provide the niche environments that likeminded people come to appreciate.