“OOLi Network was started to socially connect Muslim individuals, organisations and communities together to share experiences, interests, narratives, and services through social content sharing on a quality Muslim-Friendly social media platform.” 

– Muhammad Shakur | Founder  

Why Join OOLi Network?

Joining OOLi Network to connect and share content with fellow Muslims is no different than the idea of joining LinkedIn to share business content, or join Tinder to be part of a community seeking relationships. It’s about joining a social network that caters to your interests and type of people that you want to connect with in a more filtered environment. Muslims are a global community that share common interests and a sense of collective community. OOLi Network is the social media platform just for that! 

Our Values

Build with sincere intention (niyyah)

We believe that the foundation of all good work is sincere intention. We are dedicated to advancing the development of OOLi Network with more features so that users can benefit and enjoy a better experience. We want to build something that makes a real difference.

Promote positive Muslim Narratives

We aim to promote good Muslim perspectives, narratives and services by playing our part in spreading and encouraging useful content on the network.

Uphold data integrity

We want our users to know that it is part of our privacy policy that personalised data about an individual is not sold to any third party marketing agencies or data miners.

Creating opportunities

We want to develop a platform that opens new doors for individuals, communities and organisations to expand and manage their communications and services whether for personal, informational or business purposes.


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