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Share content and stay connected with social followers, friends and family. Experience a social media app for Muslim vibes and lifestyle with a clean user interface. 

I find value in OOLi Network because it focuses on encouraging good social behaviour and meaningful content. It's more uplifting for Muslims than other social networks that cater to all forms of content. This app provides a filter. It is the start of something great.
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


Spaces are accounts that give you special owner, admin and post creator privileges to manage your Organization or Group Communities. 

Organization Space

Start a Space for your organization that allows you to create content in the name of your organization or by those who represent it. A great way to add personality to your brand. 

Group Space

Start a Space for your community to share content. Either open your Space for public posting or choose who can create content. A great way to share community or topic related content. 

Tech Built for Capacity

Post distribution

Running on over 20 virtual cloud servers for reliable content distribution.


Currently capable of managing more than 1000 concurrent database transactions.

Quick HD image uploading

Programmed with parallel processing for speedy HD image and video uploading.

Elasticsearch Engine

Equipped with robust text indexing to make search requests robust and speedy.

App Features

See what OOLi Network can do while keeping everything in a clean simple user interface. 

A man thinking about OOLi Network, LinkedIn and Facebook.

Why OOLi Network, we already have Facebook?

Hi, I think OOLi Network will be a very good platform to help people connect to the Halal market in different parts of the world. The interface is nice and clean. It's ready and prepared. I hope to see this app's community grow and be a place for business and promotion as well.
Taka Hashimoto
Tokyo, Japan